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Traveling to Ethiopia will allow you and your family to experience its rich culture and customs. The country is full of history and experience, and is a delightful place to visit. When deciding to travel to Ethiopia, some basic travel guidelines will make your trip more carefree.

Travel Insurance

In case of medical needs while in Ethiopia, you need to be aware that medical providers may not accept payment through your insurance company. It is expected that you pay in full after your treatment, and file a claim with your insurance company for reimbursement. Therefore must have cash with you, or pay by credit card or bank wire transfer.

In order to get the compensation from your insurer, you must be treated by licensed medical professional who can provide you a proper documentation and receipts.Always ensure you have a comprehensive travel insurance policy which covers you for any repatriation to your home country.

At the event of any medical or other emergencies, you can contact you country's local embassy in Addis Ababa.

Traveling to Ethiopia with Pets

Dogs trained to assist travelers who are sight or hearings impaired are allowed onto cabins on Ethiopian flights. The passenger must be dependent upon the dog; the dog must be harnessed and muzzled according to carrier guidelines. Usually, there are no additional fees in this situation. Prior notification is needed during booking arrangements.

Families who want to bring their house pets (dogs or cats) have several options when making travel arrangements to Ethiopia. Pets are defined in current passenger tariffs when in a carrier and accompanied by the owner. Pets can also be shipped within the cargo area of the flight carrier. Notification should also be given when making travel arrangements. Additional guidelines by carriers are available.

Traveling to Ethiopia while Pregnant

Women who are up to 32 weeks along in their pregnancy are allowed to travel to Ethiopia by providing physician documentation. If any signs of labor are present, boarding will be denied. A physician signature of release is needed within seven days of travel.

Traveling to Ethiopia with Children

Ethiopian airlines are unable to accept children under the age of five without an accompanied adult during flights. A mandatory escort is required for children five to the end of age 11. To secure a mandatory escort for children of this age, additional arrangements are required when booking flight arrangements. Specific requirements will be needed during booking, including any necessary documentation forms and additional fee requests based on carriers used.

Traveling Alone

Traveling alone can be a very interesting and rewarding experience in Ethiopia. The individual tourist may also find his stay more expensive as compared to participating in group travel. When traveling with a group, it is more feasible to split the costs of transportations, events, and so on. It may be harder to find people that are also touring the area to split costs with. The largest cost to most travelers to Ethiopia is that of transportation.