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Ethiopia is well-known as the land of discovery, and is a popular tourist destination. It is a very beautiful region that is full of rich culture and traditions that date back to over 3,000 years. Many people desire to visit the area based on how remarkable the preservation is. 

Various ceremonies and rituals take place which bring the individual back into ancient times. There is no other place in the world to be a part of the sacred traditions first hand.

Photographically Exploring Ethiopia

Tourists have the ability to take photographs during their visit to Ethiopia. There are a variety of internet cafes which allow travelers to burn digital photographs to CDs through USB ports. There is a small cost depending on the needs of the tourist. Various cities within Ethiopia also have provision of decent print film.

Popular Ethiopia Destinations

There are a variety of destinations to see in Ethiopia. See the charts below to learn some of the destinations in each area.


Lake Tana Churches

Tis Isat Falls

Local Restaurants

Blue Nile River

Mount Gishe

Beautiful Scenery

Polytechnic Institute

Ura Kidane Mehrat

Palm Trees

Historical Areas

Mango Park


Bahir Dar University

Local Restaurants






Dire Dewa - Sites to See


Dechatu River

Pre-historical Caves

Italian Mosque

Tea Leaf Cliffs

British & African Cemeteries

St. Michel’s Catholic Church

Railway Station


Historical Landmarks

City Workshops

Magnificent Culture





Addis Ababa - Sites to See


Capital of Ethiopia

Ethiopian National Museum

National Postal Museum

Imperial Palace

Ethiopian Railway Museum

District of Piazza

Fossil Discoveries

Addis Abba Museum

Clock Tower

Australopithecine Lucy

St. George’s Cathedral

Entoto Mountains

Eucalyptus Trees

Addis Ababa University

Holy Trinity Cathedral





Axum - Sites to See


The Dome

Ethnographic Museums

Bath of Queen Sheba

The Belltower

Rock Art

Abba Pentalewon Monastery

Ethiopian-Orthodox Church

King Bazen’s Tomb

Abba Liquanos Monastery

Northern-Stelae Park

Beautiful Architecture

Other Historical Landmarks

Great Stelae

Axum University