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Bahir Dar is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Ethiopia. It is considered the capital of the Amhara Region. Lake Tana and the Blue Nile River are among the variety of attractions. The city is full of vibrant, colorful flowers and the streets are lined with palm trees. Bahir Dar is considered one of the safest cities.

Bahir Dar dates back in origin, to the 16th century. Several buildings were created by Pedro Paez, which can be seen today, nearby Giyorgis Church. In the 19th century, the area was used for camping by the Emperor Tweodros II. Arthur Hayes also spent time in the area. It was filled with a large amount of papyrus plants. 

In the year of 1963, Polytechnic Institute was built, bringing new means of agriculture, industry, and technology, accommodating many people. Later the Third Revolutionary Army of the Communist government held their headquarters in Bahir Dar. 

During the recent Census, the population of the city neared 230,000 people. The city is one of the most growing, as well as one of the largest in Ethiopia. Bahir Dar University enrolls nearly 5000 students. Bicycles are an extended means of transportation in the city.

There are extensive business opportunities in Bahir Dar. A variety of local restaurants and cafés are available. The Tis Isat Falls, means “smoke of water”, adds beauty to the city. It is also known for its potpourri of mists and wonderful rainbows. The best time to view the falls is during the rainy season which generally occurs between June and September. Several paths are available for visitors, to allow for different views of the area. 

Another attraction is the Blue Nile outlets on the skirts of Mount Gishe. The nice view includes papyrus canoes, known as Tankwas. Wildlife, such as hippopotamuses, can also be seen in the area. The expanse has a breathtaking view and it is most amazing.

Ura Kidane Mehrat is the most famous and visited church in the Zegue Peninsula. There are round-shaped huts built from stone. They are decorated beautifully, and serve as a display wall for pictures of the equestrian saints as well as other popular figures.

Lake Tana churches also hold beautiful paintings. Travelers spend admiring the portraits that catch the viewer’s mind. Mango Park as well as other Ethiopian churches in the area can be toured. Each area of Bahir Dar is amazing in culture and tradition.