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The Forty Springs of Ethiopia

The city of Arba Minch, nick-named as “forty springs” of Ethiopia, is a wonderful place to visit. It is located in southern Ethiopia, in the zone of Gamo Gofa Oma. The city received its name due to the numerous local springs which produce groundwater forests. The city is nearby the stunning Nechisar National Park, which is easily accessible. Unique animals and birds are housed in an area over 500 square kilometers.

Arba Minch has several attractions that welcome visitors. Crocodile Ranch is located on Lake Chamo. A lakeside walkway is available to view hippos. Tourists can also visit the famous Dorze Village. The inhabited village allows visitors to experience local life style. The people make use of everything natural, and do not waste. 

Just north of Arba Minch, a nice location to visit is the Guge Mountains. A portion of the Dorze people lives within these mountains, in their beehive huts. Visitors are able to view the huts from the inside, as well as the outside. They are about 12 meters high and are constructed of hardwood poles and bamboo. The Dorze people are also famous for their finely woven cotton. Traditionally, the local men weave the cotton, while the women spin it. 

Arba Minch brings much benefit to the communities, as it has rich resources of tropical fruits such as pineapple, mango, apples, guava and bananas. The area is also known for a variety of fish farms. 

Currently, the population nears 73,000 people. The city, founded in the 1960s, holds history for the Norwegian Lutheran Mission, as well as the Ethiopian Revolution.

Every year, Arba Minch holds a celebration known as the Thousands of Stars Music and Dance Festival. The purpose of the celebration is to encourage the people to hold cultural dancing, singing, along with artistic expressions.

Wonderful shopping experiences are available to visitors. Shoppers can take home colorful shammas and gabis to remember their experience. In the villages of the Guge Mountains, markets are available for visitors to buy pottery and calabashes. Some come with decorations; many are used in the daily lives of the citizens.

Visiting Arba Minch is well worth the trip to see native life first-hand. The exquisiteness of the area is breath taking, and the culture is unique.