Finding a comfortable and affordable accommodation is an important component of tourism. Ethiopia has hotels of varying standards in the different regions offering comfortable and cordial services. Ethiopian hotels range from luxury hotels to very basic facilities. Yet, your expectation of hotel quality has to be kept at a reasonable level. 


If you are travelling to Ethiopia, it’s recommended that you book your hotel well in advance. It is advisable to make early reservations, and to stay in a quality facility as possible to avoid any unnecessary hassle and disappointments. These days, although tourist infrastructure is improving, availability of rooms is still limited, and spaces can fill up quickly. 


Most Ethiopia hotels offer tailored packages for special occasions such as honeymoon, and to holiday travelers where they have exquisitely arranged safari-related activities even for families. There are also a string of government owned resorts and hotels throughout the country. These hotels are reliable and comfortable but sometimes they lack certain amenities for your special needs. If you want to visit the country side, and still want to stay in a quality hotel, staying in a nearby city would be wise. 


The capital city has hotels that cater for all sizes of pockets, from the luxurious to the economy class hotels. There are hotels ranging from 2-5 stars that can perfectly accommodate your special needs. Just to mention, the Sheraton Addis luxury hotel, and the Addis Hilton Hotel are popular five star hotels in the city center.


Outside the capital city, such as in the northern historic routes, good quality hotels are widely available. You can find hotels of varying standards suitable for international tourists. If you plan to travel further such as to trek in the Semien mountain area, camping would be a very exciting experience. Good quality camping equipment is available, but for your safety, up-to-date local advice must be sought.


When you travel to the southern part of the country, the number and size of tourist standard hotels becomes less. Most of the hotels offer basic services, and can be limited to some rooms, and shared shower. Yet, cities such as Nazret, Shashemene, Awassa and Arba Minch all offer quality accommodations for smaller budget. Even the in rural locations such as Lake Langano and Wendo Genet, there are government owned hotels suitable for a short stay. If you travel further to the south into the remote Omo Valley region, however, camping would be the best option. These days, the region is becoming increasingly attractive for tourists, unless it is a high season, finding a good camping site and suitable lodge cannot be a problem at all.